flash mixing technology

TrumpJet® Concept from Wetend Technologies is an innovative flash mixing system for paper making additives and chemicals. It enhances their functional and process effects on products and process operating conditions. Remarkable cost savings are achieved in the reduction of additive consumptions and eliminating the use of fresh water and energy used to heat it. TrumpJet flash mixing concept also improves operational efficiency and product quality. More...

Business benefits

  • Improve the process operational efficiency

  • Improve the consistency of paper quality

  • Get the most out of your raw materials and unit operations.

  • Get benefits faster from lean 6 sigma projects

  • Empower your organization for continuous

High tech solutions

high-tech paper

PROWETEND brings new innovations for pulp and paper manufacturing processes
Our solutions can help you to cut costs, reduce environmental impact and significantly improve your product quality and operational efficiencies.

To meet the challenges of changing media methods and consumer habits, the paper making processes need to be revitalized. PROWETEND provides high tech solutions for high tech processes and gets your paper manufacturing ready for the future.

Reduce costs

  • Our solutions result to decreased water consumption and require less chemicals while improving the paper quality. Contact us to find out more.
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