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Prowetend is in the business of bringing new technology and solutions for paper making processes. When capital investments have been exhausted and fixed cost savings are no longer an option, Prowetend can still find ways to improve your bottom line.

Prowetend offers innovative products by Wetend Technologies for additive flash mixing, inline PCC and foam forming combined with 30+ years of experience in the pulp and paper industry.

Olavi Göös

Olavi Göös
  • Strong technology background in paper making, mechanical pulping and recycled fibre processes, especially coated and uncoated wood-free and wood-containing grades.
  • Recognized for developing papermaking processes, solving paper machine conceptual questions/operating problems, and evaluating paper mill operations and assets.
  • Developing LWC and special grade papers with recycled fibre as the primary fibre source in on-line paper machine concepts.
  • Vast experience and knowledge
    of paper mill management and mill operations covering hands-on papermaking, technical, organizational, human resources and quality management issues.
  • Several large scale paper mill projects: engineering,
    implementation and start-ups.
  • More detailed CV by request
  • Prowetend Consulting
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    Olavi Göös
    Pulp and Paper Specialist
  • Wetend Technologies
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