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Flash Mixing Technology & In-Line PCC

Wetend Technologies Ltd. is the global technology leader in mixing of paper and board making chemicals and additives. The company is based in Finland and serves paper and board producing customers world wide. Their main product TrumpJet® Chemical Mixing Systems has been installed in over 20 countries in Europe, North America, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and China.

Prowetend offers innovative products by Wetend Technologies for additive flash mixing, inline PCC and foam forming combined with 30+ years of experience in the pulp and paper industry.

TrumpJet® systems

  • Leads to lower chemical consumption
  • Eliminates the need for fresh water and its heating energy
  • Improves paper quality
  • Mixes papermaking chemicals and additives into the process uniformly and effectively
  • Saves an estimated 44 million cubic meters of water yearly
  • Saves an estimated 1,6 million Mwh of energy yearly
  • Reduces 1,6 million tons of CO2 emissions yearly
  • Has been awarder with: Governor's Award for Environmental
    Excellence in a paper mill in Maine, United States
  • Has been awarder with: Golden Bridge Award in China
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